Saturday, January 22, 2011

Living Room- just painted!

Ashley Grey by Benjamin Moore- I htink I like the color  a lot!  I still have a few things to put away, but it looks great!

January 21st

Getting ready for dance class, she decided to wear this over her dance outfit.  I laughed.

The outfit is complete with the dance hoodie and Uggs.  I must say Lars has quite the expression here. Can you tell he just woke up?

Little ballerina!

Feisty look here- Boden shirt, with Gap sweats.  Comfy!

Stuff Etc. Half Off Sale 2011

Hanna Andersson coat, 140- like new! Such a deal!  Its a little big but should be perfect for next year.

Another Boden cute shirt, size 9(Can you believe it!?).  She wore it today with her blue sweats.  Such a cute outfit!
I am thankful that I still find such great deals at Stuff.  I don't care what anyone says, if you know what to pay, you can always get a great deal here!  My kids also got a few small toys and were very happy. 

Monday, January 17, 2011

January 17th

Again with the boots and some festive Hawkeye wear!

Peaceful Lars
Zaza Couture coat!

Target boots, Matilda Jane Wendy dress, happy leggings

Is it time for the Hawks yet?

All smiles!

Boden coat!

Running and smiling!

Family picture- Christmas 2010

Doing homework- gap tee

Huge snowballs!


Snowhenge 2011

Friday, January 14, 2011

Week of January 14th

New Boden monster shirt, with lined skate trousers in orange cammo

Smile, nope.  Boden pants with Gap purple shirt- it has tiny skulls on it but looks like dots from a distance. Note the Missmatched socks. 

Ahhh, a smile!  Leggings (gymbo) gap skirt, Camp tee from Lake Macbride (She loves this shirt!)

Boden brushed tartans (proud to boast that I got these for 5.99 at Second Act!) With Boden shark shirt. Love the pose!

Gap fleece pants, Boden guitar shirt, MIssmathced socks!

Boden cord pants, with Wes & Willy shirt- both super bargains!

Boden shirt, gymbo pants- rockstar pose.

More Target, Perhaps I have a Target problem...

New carts.  Kinda plastic-y feeling.  Not sure if they will last.
So they are remodeling my Target. I wish they would have consulted with me first.  I am completely discombobulated when I go in now.  Don't get me wrong, I want to have food at my Target.  It will be adding a pharmacy and smallish food section- we will be a Mini Super Target. What made me laugh most was watching the employees expressions as they were discovering all the changes that happened overnight.  It really is like entering a new store everytime I go.  But there were some great deals!!! See below.  Let's see how long before I get a Red card.  I have a feeling it won't be long! This post could also be called, I went in for paper towels and I came out with.....  Sadly this is a fairly common story my friends.  LOL!
Only $6.00!

Only $5.00 ( I have a pair at home but I got 2 more!)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Patagonia Find

It needed a good soak because it was very dirty!  I should have taken a picture of the soaking water.  I was really grossed out and it takes a lot for me to get grossed out.  Then I washed it up and it is a great coat~the only question is, is it a girls or a boys?  Ella is not thrilled by it.  She likes fuzzy and warm.  I think it is VERY warm- but this is a deceiving coat in that category since it is a poly fill.  

I know it is an older line, but I like it. I am still a sucker for orange unless it starts to look like pennetentiary orange- but this does not. (I hope!) I know it will be great for Lars when he fits into it.  It is a bit large on Ella right now- so perhaps she'll like it for next season.  Not too shappy for under $20 from Second Act.  I found it on sale there, believe it or not! I figure I whould be able to resell it for 20 or more with no problems!


Nartjee shirt, Boden lined skate trousers

I found this beauty at Stuff Etc and about died!  It i smy favorite brand~ Desigual~ very expensive and very hard to find.  It almost always sells out of the boutiques.  It is a size 6-7-8 and generous in the arms.  Worn with "ae" striped purple leggings in an xs.  Yes she can wear juniors now!  So not ready for this move.

Had to add a shot of the tongue.  It makes an appearance when he is concentrating.  As in concentrating on Pac-Man. How I love this guy!

Church Clothes!

Oilily sweater, Tea pants- he insisted on the pose LOL

full frontal pose

She now loves this Matlida Jane outfit.  The shirt bugged her for such a long time.  But she LOVES the deer on it so much!

Oilily wintercoat form a second hand store last Spring Break...It has really cute flowers on it and is lined with a flannel horse material.

My sparkles too!

New coat for me...Happy Birthday from Calvin Klein.  The shawl part can come up into a hood.  I LOVE this coat!

Dressed down for later- Gap shirt and her favorite skinny pants by Justice.

Friday, January 7, 2011

January 7- Outfit Fun

Some outfits this week in review:

Last year's Easter dress, sewed by me!  Worn with too small princess tights and her Ecco Mary Janes.

Lars in his Ironman tee and Land's End cammo pants.  These pants have easily become a favorite!

Ella sporting her Boden kitty shirt with her skinny jeans (Justice) and her new Girl Scour vest with her pin!

Hello Matilda Jane! Gypsy Blue Museum Dress for church.  Love.

A cheesy smile adds to his orange Penguin striped shirt!  New Pokemon book too!